1. hayz keep calm, orwen

    you have nobody else to calm you down so you gotta learn to control shit 


  2. people do the most drastic things when pushed to their limits

    i guess people are unpredictable that way


  3. don’t push it.


  4. hmmm feeling a bit angry but its good to keep a calm mind and not do anything rash



  5. Now I have conversations
    with myself in poems
    because I do not know
    how to speak to anybody else.
    — Sorry For Ignoring Your Call I Forgot How To Talk, Lora Mathis  (via lora-mathis)

    (via i-pulledthetrigger)


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  7. lol u are the sunshine bitch 

    i know I’m single and alone but thinking happy memories is really nice and haha nakakakilig


  8. Hehe thinking of happy moments when i was with you <3


  9. Oh well I’m happy my grades are pretty ok I guess


  10. political science is pretty tough but i’ll get through this