1. There are reasons why I stopped posting here and one of them is that life sorta became repetitive. 

    But there is always one thing that never fails to suprise me though. Everyday with you is a whole new experience and each time were together I learn something new about you or myself.

    My mom calls you “my inspiration” which is really funny because that is how I actually think of you. There’s nothing that motivates me more to continue on with life than the thought of being with you through it.

    Happy Anniversary Caelyn, and to our next year together! 

    also: I love you


  2. Dont blog that much anymore because I got a girlfriend now

    tumblr is the land of the single people….



  3. Animo Party (III)

    Shit I’m baked af in these pictures


  4. Animo Party (II)


  5. Animo Party (I)


  6. Happy


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  8. September 7, 2013 (II)

    I leave Greenbelt and head towards The Fort to meet up with the boys in our favorite spot in the world: Kabisera

    I arrive a bit early but after a few minutes the boys arrive and the demons are out and looking for some fun.

    I also meet my buddy Zoe and a bunch of other friends from highschool!

    We planned on just spending the night at the bar but Migz told Kua and I that he could get us to Aracama for free. At around 10:00 we head to Draft to meet our friend Shaq who was going to get us inside Aracama. Shaq is one of the coolest people I’ve met. He’s funny and really nice and knows how to have a great time!

    We end up spending the night at Aracama and having a great time! Thanks Shaq and the rest of the people we spent the night with!


  9. September 7, 2013 (I)

    My girlfriend and I planned on going on a legit date this weekend so we decided to go watch a movie and have dinner instead of going to a bar and doing other stuff.

    I arrived an hour late because of traffic and I see hug her as hard as I can because she was really lonely. We spend some time together and everything was good.

    She leaves me with her friend Kat, who I’ve met in one of the previous blogs. Talking to Kat never gets boring, she’s always got something funny to say I swear.

    After a while Elaiza, Anna, and the gorgeous Mariel Milo arrive and we play truth or dare over a couple of drinks. 

    Oh and Lorenz comes over to say hi to Mariel too!

    We drink and have a good time together but I had to leave for a while to get to fort….


  10. Its okay Orwen, kaya mo yan kaunting tiis lang weekend na

    • Midterms done
    • Chem LT done
    • Exhausted
    • Haven’t slept for like 48 hours
    • bored af
    • Lonely

    Dont worry orwen the weekend is close and you’re gonna have fun!